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Welcome to the home of Stardust the Cat! If you’ve never been here before, I assume you would have some questions such as:

Q: What is it about?

A: Well simply stated, it is an online comic about a cat and a mouse who live in a small house in the middle of nowhere. The comic follows them and their continuing adventures.

Q: Is it a comic strip or a graphic novel?

A: I would say it’s neither. Although we do the occasional one-off gag every now and then, the format tends more toward short form storytelling (i.e. The Simpsons, Spongebob, etc).

Q: Do I have to read it from the beginning?

A: Yeeeaaahhh... kinda. When I originally started it I wasn't planning on it being that way, I wanted to do something like The Simpsons where each episode is entirely self-contained. But it didn't really work out that way so now there's a definite plot that's running through the episodes. I think it's worth it though.

Q: What age group is it appropriate for?

A: I guess it depends on your morals. Just kidding, I would say around PG-13 or so. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that wouldn’t pass on network TV. Family Guy is much worse.

Q: What is the setting?

A: Present day rural America. It’s based on the town I grew up in but it can really be anywhere. 

Q: Who are the characters?

A: I’m glad you asked.

Main Characters:

Stardust: - Our title character. He has a disdain for anything of low quality. Although he is often pessimistic and sarcastic, he actually has very traditional moral principles although he is very also libertarian.

Freddie - A mouse who lives in the same house as Stardust. He is friendly and good natured. He enjoys puns and word play. Although he is innocent and naive most of the time, he is capable of great wisdom, often pointing out hypocrisy and illogic. He is childlike in his innocence but at the same is intelligent and mature.

Naomi - Stardust's girlfriend (from about episode #12 onward).

April - Stardust's owner. She is a pot smoking, suicidal, sometimes lesbian flower child. She's also a vegan who occasionally eats meat. And a buddhist with an attic full of stuff.

Minor Characters:

The Crows - A pair of loudmouth birds who believe they are the smartest creatures on planet earth.

Morgan - The leader of the squirrel gang who deal in trafficking food and goods between members of the animal kingdom. He has one motto that he lives by: "It's not personal, it's buisness".

Luke - A Canadian goose who is friends with Stardust.

Claire - A six year old girl who enjoys rescuing animals.

Chief - The leader of the mouse cult.

Elenor - The daughter of the chief.

Lenny - Freddie's cousin.

Moe - Leader of a certain trio of mice.

Curly - Fat, bald member of a certain trio of mice.

Larry - Curly haired member of a certain trio of mice.

Mary – Freddie’s psychotic ex-girlfriend.


Q: Who makes this thing?


Stephen Leotti - Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, and Artist

Zack Adamczak - Writer (Episode #4 - Present), Biggest Fan

Chris Purches - Script Editor (Episode #12 - Present)