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20th Mar 2013, 11:09 AM Episode #7 script

So this was a pretty fun episode to do. The story was easy to write because A. I stole the plot from the movie "Help!" and B. I've been watching the three stooges since birth. Put 'em together and you got yourself a story. It's also notable for the fact that it was the first time the story didn't actually revolve around Stardust, who only comes in at the end. It was nice to have Freddie not seem like so much of a sidekick and actually have something to do for once.

One last thing I'd like to mention is that it was the first time I didn't force myself to have the story be 24 pages. I think eventually it clocked in to something like 40. I've started thinking about it more in terms of scenes rather than pages. The problem I have with just posting one page at a time is there's no satisfaction in it. It's like watching two minutes of a film everyday for a year. I try to have it be more like a commercial break where yes, it's a cliffhanger, but no so much that it ruins the pacing of the story.

So anyway that's my epiphany. Here's the script:

Episode #7 – Eight arms to hold

Written by Stephen Leotti

The Cast:

Regular Characters:



Guest Characters:

                Elenor – A priestess of the mouse cult.

                Moe – The leader of the three members of the search party.

                Larry – Curly-haired member of the search party.

                Curly – Fat, bald member of the search party.

                Chief – The Leader of the mouse cult.

                Lenny – Freddie’s cousin.


Scene A

(Ext. – Woods – Night)

A bunch of mice in tribal gear dance around a campfire chanting. Two mice bring in another tied to a post. They lay him on an altar. The CHIEF raises a knife in the air. He is just about to gut the poor victim when a PRIESTESS mouse yells.

Priestess – Hold!

                The chief stops just short enough.

Chief – What is it, Elenor?

Elenor – He is not wearing the sacrificial necklace! He cannot be sacrificed!

                The chief takes off his head dress and examines for himself.

Chief – What have you done with it!

(Int. Stardust’s House)

                Freddie walks up to Stardust wearing a necklace.

Freddie – Hey check out this necklace my cousin sent me.

                Stardust looks at him.

Stardust- Who’s your cousin? Elton John?

Act I

Scene B

(Ext. Woods – Day)

                The chief stands talking to Elenor.

Chief –We must get that necklace back to perform the sacrifice.

Elenor – I will go to retrieve it if it pleases your highness.

Chief – No my daughter. I will not risk your safety. I have the perfect men for the job.

Elenor – You mean those three new recruits?

Cut to: MOE, LARRY, and CURLY. Larry and Curly are carrying a ladder and moe is giving directions.

Moe – Swing it around this way.

                They swing it around and hit him in the side of the head.

Moe - Why you Lunkheads! Why don’t you watch what you’re doing?!

                He gives them a double slap.

Chief – Gentlemen.

                Moe stops and looks.

Moe - Hey he means us. Come on you guys!

                He grabs them by their ears and drags them over.

Moe – What can we do you for?

Chief – I’ve got a very special assignment for you. Our sacrificial necklace is missing and we need you to retrieve it.

Elenor – I still would feel better if I were in charge.

Moe – Don’t you worry a bit sweet-cakes. We’ll have everything taken care of in a jiffy. Right boys?

Larry and Curly – Right!

Curly – Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Moe – Quiet!

                Curly sticks out his tongue. Moe grabs it and pulls.

Larry – Hey leave ‘em alone!

                Moe yanks on his hair.

Moe – Whad’ya buttin’ for?!

Chief – Gentlemen please, there’s no time to waste!

Moe – Say no more Chief! About face!

                They turn around and leave.

Scene C

(Ext. Outside Stardust’s house)

                The three mice pop up from a bush in front of the house.

Moe – Well there it is boys.

Curly – But how we gonna get inside?

Larry – And supposin’ he don’t wanna give it to us when we get there?

Moe (to Larry) – Listen porcupine, I’ll do the thinkin’ here.

                He thinks very hard for a moment.

Moe – Hey I just had an apostrophe!

Larry – Don’t you mean an epiphany?

                Moe pokes him in the eyes.

Moe – Come on you dopes!

 (Int. Living room)

Freddie walks up to Stardust holding a piece of paper.

Freddie – Hey check out this letter I got. It says it’s from my three long lost brothers.

Stardust – I didn’t know you had siblings.

Freddie – Well neither did I but it doesn’t surprise me. Mice generally tend to have around 25-30 kids at a time so anything’s possible.

Stardust – Holidays must be a nightmare.

Freddie – Right. Anyway it says they’re coming to visit and they’ll be here on the 21st.

Stardust – I could be mistaken but I believe that today is the 21st.

Freddie – It is?! Oh my goodness I have so much to do!

Stardust – You live in an attic, what could you possibly have to do?

Freddie – I’ve got dinner to prepare, beds to make, and my goodness I haven’t swept this floor in ages!

Stardust – Heavens to Betsy.

Scene D

Int. Doll house in attic

Freddie wearing an apron sweeps the floor with a small broom.

Cut to:

(Ext. Outside front door – Day)

The three mice stand in front of the door.

Moe – Now listen you lunkheads, we gotta get that necklace back see, the chief’s countin’ on us, see? So don’t do anything stupid, see?

Larry and Curly – Si!

Moe – I asked you morons first!

                He clunks their heads together. 

                Cut Back to Freddie in attic. He hears a knock on the door.

Freddie – Oh my goodness they’re here already!

                He throws off the apron and runs downstairs.

 (Int. Living room)

Freddie – I can’t believe you’re actually here!

Moe – Ah think nothing of it. We’re headed up north to see a pal o’ ours and we’d thought we’d stop and say a quick hello.

Freddie – But how did you know where I lived?

Moe – Oh… uh…we ran into your cousin Lenny and he told us all about it.

Freddie – How do you like the necklace he sent me?

Moe – Gee it’s…it’s swell. By the way that reminds me-

                He catches a glimpse of Stardust walking past.

Moe – Hit the deck!

                The three mice quickly dive behind an armchair.

Freddie – It’s ok you guys, he won’t hurt you.

Moe – Too lazy to chase mice eh?

Freddie – It’s against his idealisms or something like that. Oh I just remembered I have dinner in the oven! You guys wait here and I’ll be right back.

                He runs back upstairs.

Moe – Now we gotta get that necklace back boys.

Larry – But how can we if he won’t even take it off?

Moe – Maybe he doesn’t have to.  Of course! Why didn’t I think of it before?! Why it’s so simple!

Curly - I can’t understand it and I’m simple.

                Moe smacks him.

Moe – Now here’s what we’ll do…


Int. Dollhouse

Freddie lies asleep in a dolls bed. A hand reaches up and covers his mouth. They carry him off into the night.     



Scene E


 (Ext. Woods – Night)

                The three carry Freddie in with his hands tied and mouth gagged.

Moe – I told ya we’d get it back didn’t I?

Chief – Splendid job boys. Of course now that the day is past a new victim must be chosen. But I can see you’ve done that already as well. Release the other one.

                They untie another mouse. He whispers in Freddie’s ear:

Mouse: Stay alive my friend. Whatever happens, I will save you!

 (Int. Stardust’s house)

The mouse from the previous scene, who we should now know is Freddie’s cousin, LENNY, stands talking to Stardust.

Lenny – …And so you see they’re going to sacrifice him at midnight!

Stardust – Why would anyone ever get mixed up in a religion like that?

Lenny – Well we were raised Jewish, but I was dating the Chiefs daughter-

Stardust – So you thought you’d score points by getting disemboweled?

Lenny – Well it wasn’t until after I said yes they told me death was involved. The only way I could figure to get out of it was to send the necklace away. So will you please come and rescue him? I promised his Ma nothing would happen to him.

Stardust – Oh alright.  Geez it’s always something with you people.

Lenny – What do you mean “you people”?!

Stardust – Oh never mind let’s just go.

Scene F

(Ext. Woods – Night)

Stardust and Lenny stand and watch the ceremony taking place from a distance.

Lenny – Well there it is. What are you gonna do?

Stardust – Hmm…someone doesn’t find themselves in a position like this every day. Wait a minute, is that their god?

                We see a jar of honey in the shape of a teddy bear.

Stardust – Oh this is just too much fun. Prepare yourself to be entertained.

As the natives bring Freddie out in the same manner as they did before a voice calls out in the night.

Voice – Behold! I am your god! Kneel before your god!

                The mice, awestruck, immediately fall prostrate on the ground.

Voice – I demand that you set this one free! For as he is not a willing sacrifice, his blood is insufficient to me. I demand you release him and find another!

Chief – Yes almighty! We would never provoke your wrath! We humbly ask your forgiveness!

                They untie Freddie. He runs away. Stardust pokes his head up from behind the bear.

Stardust – By the way, your god is a condiment.

Scene G

Ext. Road – Night

                Stardust, Freddie, and Lenny walk along the road.

Stardust – You know I’d normally be pissed off for getting woken up in the middle of the night like this. But this was actually quite enjoyable.

Lenny – Well, I’ll be sure to think twice before dating a religious girl again that’s for sure.

Freddie – So what are you gonna do now?

Lenny – I dunno, go back and see if my apartment hasn’t been looted I guess.

Freddie – Well why don’t you stay with us tonight?

Lenny – Hmm, I guess it couldn’t hurt to wait till morning. I’ll have to be moving after that though. I’ve never been good the whole “staying in one place” thing.

Stardust – So I didn’t know you were jewish.

Freddie – Oh yeah. Of course Freddie is just my nickname. My real name is Farokh.

Lenny – Mine’s Alfred.

Stardust – Why don’t they call you Al?

Lenny – Because then I’d have to grow a big beard and start wearing plaid.

Stardust – Can’t argue with that logic.

The End